Girl’s Eyelashes Removed Due To Lice

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Fall is in the air, and Halloween is right around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to Imagine waking up with a tingling sensation, a burning sensation on your eyelids.  No amount of scrubbing can ease the discomfort.  Then imagine having your eyelashes removed one by one like a disturbing game of “She loves me, she loves me not”.

Sounds freaky, and it’s not to be confused with Trichotillomania (try-k-uh-till-uh-mania) or hair pulling disorder, but it’s a true story, purports, that happened to a young Chinese girl named Dandan after doctors discovered 20 lice had burrowed and set up shop in her eyelashes.  According to the news source, Dandan was facing so much discomfort that she was rushed to a hospital in East China’s Fujian Province.  Doctors made the discovery and went to town plucking as they sung merrily in their discourse.

Okay that last bit was an exaggeration, but According to Central European News (CEN), Liu Zhaosheng, the head of ophthalmology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, said after examining the young girl’s eyes he found a strange black, sticky substance on her eyelids, a substance later defined as the lice and their droppings.

Or so they say.

A tantalizing tale of horror in a developing country to say the least, the only problem is the odds of the article’s authenticity are stacked against it.  The article was brought to our attention here at Dark Matter News through a small fox affiliate TV station in the Dallas-Fort Worth area which was further sourced through CEN (Central European News) an agency quickly becoming known as the tabloid giant of the 21st century.  Several journalistic investigations have been held by other news agencies and sensationalist instigators like BuzzFeed that found that in many cases the stories brought to us by CEN, often involving developing countries, sex scandals, and genital self-mutilation, were almost entirely exaggerations, embellishments, or flat out fabrications, taking striking images found around the web and weaving in some too-good-not-to-be-true tale of woe and intrigue.

It’s just a reminder that even the “news” giants often skip the all important step of critical examination when bringing headline grabbing stories to the public.

At least this way we never run out of crazy weird stories to tell.

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