Gray Swan Storm Could Destroy Tampa

A group of scientists, publishing their findings on Monday in the science journal Nature, says a cataclysmic inevitable disaster awaits Tampa and other low level cities the world over due to the threat of what they are calling gray swan hurricanes.

Gray swan hurricanes are powerful megastorms capable of creating unimaginable storm surges.  Like black swan storms, which are highly volatile and unpredictable 100-year storms, gray swan storms are rare, powerful, but wholly predictable and a grim reminder of the realities we face with rapidly changing weather patterns.

Scientists say that in Tampa the possibility of a 20 foot storm serge, big enough to cause vast damage across the city, is likely and their findings are supported by stringent computer simulations..


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We’ve experienced a lot of flooding lately due to a few weeks of rain – I could easily see this playing out and creating catastrophic devastation.

says a member of the DMN team that resides in the at-risk area.

Another reason this should be particularly concerning is because back in 2005 the Weather Channel was producing an episode of “It Could Happen Tomorrow” with the premise being a cataclysmic hurricane striking the south, specifically Louisiana, causing the levees to burst and flood New Orleans.  Needless to say the weather channel got all the footage they could have ever wanted.

As of now the chances of a gray swan hurricane hitting Tampa are just 1/10,000 in an average year but scientists warn that due to climate change the chances could reach as high as 1/700 by the end of the century.  According to Bryan Norcross, Senior Hurricane Specialist for the Weather Channel, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 15 foot or 25 foot storm surge, those caught in the end result will have little chance for survival.

Are you seeing wild weather phenomena where you live?  Do you worry about what the future might hold with megastorms?  Share your thoughts below, or on Facebook and let us know on Twitter with the Hashtag #DMTalk.

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