GTA V Players Spot Virtual UFO Invasion in Los Santos

The GTA V mod, UFO Invasion 1.0, put players in the position of fending off a UFO attack on the fictional city of Los Santos (LelaoNN).

The GTA V mod, UFO Invasion 1.0, put players in the position of fending off a UFO attack on the fictional city of Los Santos (LelaoNN).

GTA V Players Spot UFO Invasion in Los Santos

We survived a plethora of apocalyptic predictions this September, however a different sort-of threat now looms over the virtual city of Los Santos in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.

This time, the supposed threat does not come from fears of a ‘blood moon‘, an asteroid, or even CERN. Instead, a ‘portal’ was opened by game modder LelaoNN, allowing UFOs to strike terror into the hearts of the virtual citizens of Los Santos—as if they haven’t been through enough already.

The game mod, dubbed UFO Invasion 1.0, was uploaded Sunday and already has hundreds of downloads.

A video, uploaded by the mod’s creator, shows actual gameplay.


After choosing the number of UFOs you’d like to harass you, the action begins instantly. Blue lasers from hovering saucers relentlessly blast vehicles to bits. Following that, tractor beams actually lift objects (and the player) toward the saucers and then drop them, causing them to come crashing down to earth in a fiery chaos.

Later in the video, the creator ramps up the action by changing the number of saucers to 20.

It’s hard to imagine being successful at fending off the attack without enlisting the help of the game’s cheat codes. This leaves some users like vonericson to ask for changes in the mod so that the UFOs focus less on the player and more on wreaking general havoc on the rest of Los Santos. The mod creator has said that he plans to work more gameplay options into future updates.

As is, according to Christopher Livingston in an article for PCgamer, repeated shots from a rocket launcher can take down the saucers—that is, if you can live long enough to target them.

Of course, LeloaNN wasn’t the first modder to bring UFO’s and paranormal into the world of video games. Even video games that are not paranormal by nature have long been modded by those in their respective communities. Such game mods include ghosts in the world of the Sims and a Zombie Apocalypse mod for Minecraft.

You can also you use what amounts mostly to a costume mod you roam around Los Santos as Bigfoot. (Amblin Entertainment and

You can also you use what is basically a costume mod to roam around Los Santos as Bigfoot. (Amblin Entertainment and

If you’ve had enough news about destruction you can find a more upbeat GTA V mod video. In this one you can enjoy a Day in the Life of Bigfoot as the cuddly cryptid traipses about the city on a bicycle. Spoiler alert: it’s never all rainbows and unicorns in Los Santos—even for Sasquatch.

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