Haunted By Waters – Teton Dam Collapse

Overlooking the Teton River near Rexburg. This is the site of the infamous Teton Dam which failed with disastrous results on 5th June 1976. The large hump in the center of the photo is all that remains of the dam which was 310 feet high and 0.6 miles long, when it was filled for the first time the reservoir behind it was 17 miles in length. When the dam collapsed the authorities had 40 minutes to warn residents of the flood, however 11 people died, 13,000 head of cattle and thousands of homes were destroyed. There were car parks, an overlook and a visitors center here. Now there is just silence.

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The Teton Dam was an earthen dam on the Teton River in Idaho, United States. It was built by the Bureau of Reclamation, one of eight federal agencies authorized to construct dams. Located in the eastern part of the state, between Fremont and Madison counties, it suffered a catastrophic failure on June 5, 1976, as it was filling for the first time.

The dam cost about $100 million to build, and the federal government paid over $300 million in claims related to its failure. Total damage estimates have ranged up to $2 billion. The dam has not been rebuilt.


The Teton Dam is said to be haunted by the demons that were attracted there by occult actions with a devil cave nearby. Witnesses say when you go there at night you get a very bad feeling while you’re inside the spillway or the cement building. Reporting voices and a stick dragging across the wall there.

In the B.J.’S Bayou Restaurant, numerous spirits evidently inhabit this old building that once was a hotel. The building was flooded and abandoned after the Teton Flood. It was purchased and renovated in the 1980’s and now houses a Cajun restaurant, bar, and residence of the owners. The owners report seeing and hearing evidence of haunting all of the time. They report the appearance of the spirit of a young girl, and the spirit of an old gentleman, possibly in a uniform.

At Ricks College, near the hart building, there was a little girl murdered. She still walks from the east door of the hart building to the Romney building, and then back to the hart again. She gets mad if you get in her path.

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