Hawaii’s Haunted Hotels

Hawaii’s Haunted Hotels.  Now there’s a tongue-twister.


You’re more likely to hear reports of hauntings occurring at such infamous locations as Dracula’s Castle, Tombstone Arizona, or Waverly Hills Sanatorium, but all too often paranormal reality shows and campfire-get-together’s ignore the highly active islands of Hawaii.  The pearl of the sea, a pinnacle of lava rock landmasses that sticks up in the middle of Earth’s largest ocean and also the site of countless massacres and battles.

Any islanders familiar with the legends know to avoid the faceless lady that stalks port-side restrooms, the mischievous Menehune, or the highly aggressive Night Marchers with their echoing drums that can be heard in the darkest stretches of the night.  But, if you’re in the mood for a bit of chicken skin then there are a few hotels to keep in mind when setting up your next vacation destination.

For example: if you’re the kind of guest that prefers an attractive woman in a red dress seen walking the hallways or along the beach then feel free to stop in at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the island of Oahu.  If you prefer the sounds of battle and apparitions of warriors, then make sure to visit the top floor of King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Looking for something a bit more personal?  How about an elderly woman watching you as you sleep?  Try the Volcano House Hotel, also on the Big Island.

It’s absolutely true that sometimes guests check into hotels and never check out, sometimes due to illness and other times due to suicide.  Well, the Ihilani Resort on Oahu is prepared to offer you this special buy-one, get-one offer: Stay at any room on the 17th floor and receive a free night-time visit from the apparition of a young lady.  But wait, there’s more!  If you order now, they’ll throw in some free poltergeist activity in the form of sliding glass doors that open and close on their own.

Still wanting a trip in Paradise?  Do you have your own tales of paranormal activity on the Hawaiian Islands?  Join the conversation below, on Facebook, and on Twitter with the hashtag #DMTalk.

W D King


Walter king is a sushi enthusiast. A cat lover. A star gazer. An ex-skateboarder, with the destroyed knees to prove it. A local boy raised in Hawaii. He spent much of his youth listening to art bell, infecting his brain with all matter of gray area thought provoking ideas like time travel, collective consciousness, and who can forget: Bigfoot. He's a loving husband and first time father. A movie junkie. A cliff diving, mud slinging, midday dreamer. He also kind of dabbles in indie film production, music production, and photography. He is survived by his unflinching whit and dry sense of humor.

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