Human Teleportation To Become A Reality


The Russian federal government has just announced plans to invest 2.1 trillion dollars into a a two-year ‘National Technology Initiative’ and now scientists are preparing to introduce teleportation into our reality.

In 2014, a Dutch group proved they could transfer the properties of one atom to another, teleporting’ the information over a distance of three meters, whilst other groups have used particles of light to transfer information over distances of over 62 miles, now Russian scientists hope to have developed the technology to transport humans by 2035.

Alexander Galitsky, a prominent investor in the country’s technology sector said “It sounds fantastical today, but there have been successful experiments at Stanford at the molecular level. Much of the tech we have today was drawn from science fiction films 20 years ago.”


The National Technology Initiative will also focus on such technological advances in a Russian computer programming language, secure cybernetic communications, quantum computing, and neural interfaces (direct connections between computers and human brains)

While teleportation remains a remote prospect, experts believe significant progress in quantum computing and neural interfaces is likely in the next few decades.

Reports suggest that Russia has a talented programming community and a small but vibrant software sector that has produced several successful IT companies, including Yandex and Kaspersky Labs and Western governments also believe Russia has leveraged its computing talent to put together one of the most fearsome state-sponsored hacking and cyber-warfare programs on the planet.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK   Telegraph.Co.UK

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