Iconic ‘Back To The Future’ Auctions End Wednesday

Back To The Future time clock (Universal Pictures)

‘Back To The Future’ time clock (Universal Pictures)

Iconic Back to the Future Auctions End Wednesday

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of the Bizarre, so here’s a special update to hold you over until the next Bizarre on a Budget feature.

Stories about hoverboards and other Back to the Future II related technology have dominated the news as we approach the upcoming important fictional date of October 21st 2015.

Now that we are only a month way from being ‘in the future,’ you have chance to own pieces of that future, before it even arrives.

You may have seen Haunted Skeptic’s previous post about Star Trek memorabilia being sold by The Prop Store, including Leonard Nimoy’s Spock uniform.

Now, Invaluable, an online auction site with a large movie memorabilia segment, is promoting The Prop Store’s online live memorabilia auction featuring some iconic items from the Back to the Future series.

These London-based auctions end at 2:00 PM BST on September 23rd  and allow you to bid on items from the 1985 original Back to the Future film and the 1989 sequel Back to the Future II.

Items listed include a Hill Valley High School prototype jacket, Biff Tannen Museum tickets, and the original “You’re Fired!!!” fax received by Marty McFly from his supervisor in the second film.

The soul-crushing fax received by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II is one of the many iconic film items up for auction right now.

The soul-crushing fax received by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II is one of the many iconic film items up for auction right now. This one ends October 1st and is sold by Profiles in History (Universal Pictures)

Most of the items in the collection will set you back a few hundred pounds sterling.

The most expensive starting price in the round of auctions ending this week belongs to Grays Sports Almanac.  The book, which Biff uses to get rich and powerful in the film’s alternate timeline, starts at £2,000. If that is a little pricey, the bidding starts at £50 for a production call sheet from the original film’s tenth day of shooting.

Perhaps the most iconic item aside from the hoverboard, Marty Mcfly's self-lacing Nike sneakers.

Perhaps the most iconic item aside from the film’s hoverboard, Marty Mcfly’s self-lacing Nike sneakers. (Invaluable.com)

Maybe you are more interested in a set of high-end high-tops than faux newspapers and fedoras?

If you have stashed away your winnings from using your own Gray’s Sports Almanac brought back from the future, you can also bid on Marty Mcfly’s self-lacing Nikes. They are offered by “Profiles in History” and end on October 1st. The starting price on those? Only $30,000.

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What iconic piece of film memorabilia would you most like to own? Is there a future technology portrayed in Back to the Future II’s vision of 2015 you wish were reality today? Leave your answers in the comment section below, share on Facebook, and find us on Twitter, hashtag #DMTalk.

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