“The Intelligence of SETI” Begins on Earth

Scientists, astronomers, biologists and other researchers gathered Wednesday in Puerto Rico to take part in a day-long workshop, called “The Intelligence of SETI: Cognition and Communication in Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The goal of the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference is to discuss the many forms that alien intelligence could take.

According to biologists Dominic Sivitilli and David Gire of the University of Washington, “If we are to send a message, we must design it in a way that it can be understood and used by the broadest range of forms that intelligent life could take”.

“We can make substantial progress toward this goal by understanding the diversity of forms that intelligent life has taken on this planet,” they added.

ISDC 2016 Program Chairman Dave Dressler commented: “We set the stage for an engaging conference that includes sessions on the habitability of other worlds, the latest research from Arecibo Observatory and updates on cutting-edge space missions like Breakthrough Starshot to Alpha Centauri and New Horizons to Pluto.”

solar system

The conference continues until Sunday.

Source: Space.com

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