Italian Company Capsula Mundi Designs Egg Like Coffins

Three trees grow from atop three human sized eggs.

Capsula Mundi has designed an egg shaped biodegradable capsule for human burials.

A New Eco-Friendly Way To Be Buried.

Tired of the usual creepy lines of headstones in your local graveyard? How about an entire forest grown from dead people to tickle your Franken-fetish? Capsula Mundi is an Italian company who has designed an egg shaped capsule for human burials. The deceased can fit into the bio-degradable egg by being placed into the fetal position. The capsule is planted like a seed in the soil and the tree of your choice will be planted above it which can be tended to by your surviving loved ones. Capsula Mundi is produced with 100% biodegradable materials including starch taken from seasonal plants such as potatoes and corn. It will allow the body to naturally decompose into nutrients that will make trees or other vegetative organisms grow with ease.

How the Capsula Mundi process works.

How the Capsula Mundi process works.

How the process works image two.

Although this is still only a concept in Italy due to laws prohibiting a non standard type of burial there, it can be done in the United States thanks to groups like the Green Burial Council organization and in England because of companies like Woodland Burial Parks and The Natural Death Centre charity. Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are the creative designers of the project and are currently seeking legislation to change Italian laws so Italians can legally use their creation. Only wood and metal can be used to make coffins and cemeteries have to be protected in a closed and controlled area. The designers have created an association ( Associazione Capsula Mundi) to hopefully change that.

 Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are the creative designers of the project Capsula Mundi

Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are the creative designers of the project.

From the beginning they wanted to create something that would be dedicated to the important moment of death. The designers realize that regardless of ones culture or religion death is a biological phenomenon. They also wanted to reflect how distant we are from mother nature in our day to day lives and hopefully reunite us in a respectful way when we die.

A typical cemetery compared to a memory cemetery or sacred forest.

A typical cemetery compared to a memory cemetery or sacred forest.

Instead of a standard lot containing row upon row of crosses or tombstones, this new type of burial could create sacred forests of the future, and also may bring an entirely new meaning to the term tree hugger.

What do you think about being buried in an egg like capsule? Is it a step forward or backwards for humans? Join in the discussion! Comment, share on Facebook, and find us on Twitter (hashtag: #DMTalk).

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    This is what should be the standard burial. Burning soot into the air or locked into an airtight metal box lined with concrete in the ground is nuts. Unfortunately it’s probably crazy expensive.

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