Journey To The Fourth Dimension Of The Brain


A new paper has been published in Cognitive Neurodynamics, which suggests that the brain may have an extra fourth dimension.

Researchers Arturo Tozzi and James F. Peters illustrate what they were looking for and the conclusion they reached by outlining the following;

“How do thoughts flow in the brain? Current advances in neuroscience emphasize the role of energetic landscapes, a sort of functional linens equipped with peaks, valleys and basins made of free-energy, where thoughts move, following erratic and/or constrained trajectories. This review, based on recent findings, introduces the concept of a spatial fourth dimension, where brain functions might take place, as a general device underlying our thoughts’ dynamics.”

Tozzi and Peters say that we need to look for 3D “shadows” or “echoes” of the 4D object, and we can do this using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem which predicts that ‘antipodal points’ on the 4D brain will be activated during activity of the 3D brain.

They explained by saying “Brains equipped with a hypersphere is a counter-intuitive hypothesis, since we live in a 3D world with no immediate perception that 4D space exists at all. We need thus to evaluate indirect clues of the undetectable fourth dimension. The activation of a single point on the 3D brain S2 surface leads to the activation of two antipodal points on the 4D brain S3 surface. In turn, the activation of two antipodal points on S3 leaves on the
3D brain S2 surface ‘‘hallmarks’’ which can be detected by currently available neuroimaging techniques.”

Source: DiscoverMagazine


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