Lake Atitlan: Her Many Mysteries (Part 1)

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Mystery of Lake Atitlan's Underwater City. Museum in Panajachel, Department of Solola, Gautemala

One City Submerged. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (Archive)

Lake Atitlan: Her Many Mysteries (Part 1)

Some experts claim that Lake Atitlan, located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, is the most beautiful lake in the world.

With mysteries abound in Mayan country, Lake Atitlan certainly has Her fair share.

According to legend, when alleged extraterrestrials first arrived to Lake Atitlan, a ship in the form of a saucer landed on the water.  So the story goes, those beings were dolphins which jumped out into the lake, shortly thereafter sprouting legs. The dolphin-like bipedal creatures were then able to walk ashore to greet the Mayan people.

The dolphin-ET’s supposedly brought gifts such as pottery from other places in the world to the Natives. After these Visitors left, the Natives were so disturbed by this that they just had to dump all the pots into the lake.  After the ET’s left, of course.

Years later, the researchers discovered hundreds of pots under the water.  There were styles from around the world. The pottery resembles ancient art from other Earth cultures such as that of Greek, African, Mesopotamian, and Northern Native American.

discarded pottery, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Mysteries

A really weird pottery piece found dumped in the center of the lake. This one is completely different than others found. The locals can’t explain it but this was NOT the ancient local art, they believe.

(source: author)

Mysterious, pottery, Ancient Civilizations, Aliens, ET's

This is not a typical Mayan form of Pottery that was found under the lake.

(source: author)

An Underwater City Discovered

When the bizarre pottery dump was discovered, this is  when they  also uncovered  the underwater city in the center of the lake.  Nobody knows who used to live there or why it was built in the center of a lakebed.

Keep in mind this lake is very deep.  340 Meters deep (1120 feet deep).  Nobody knows how it could be that the lake was ever dry.  Or if the underwater city was built in dry or watery conditions.

Mysterious Connection to Other Cultures

From Graham Hancock to Drunvalo Mechelzidek, there have been several researchers that cite similar stories to the Lake Atitlan Mysteries.

The Dogon Tribe in Mali, Africa claim that a UFO appeared and Mermen and Mermaid like creatures emerged, sprouted legs and spoke to them.  The Dogon people had information of the Sirius Binary Star System,before we had telescopes!

The Lake Titicaca, Peru story is similar.  That the UFO showed up and landed, formed a hole in the ground, filled it with water.  They jumped out as dolphins but emerged as men.  In another version, the UFO landed directly onto the lake and they emerged into the water as merpeople and swam ashore.

The stories are from thousands of years ago.  Legends passed down for many generations.  In Guatemala, the Mayan people take it seriously and believe it to be absolutely true.  They are a bit nervous about it when they talk about this, almost as if they don’t want the Extraterrestrials to know that they are speaking of them.  As if the ET’s are still there, somehow, listening.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What is your take on this story?

Do you think this is an underwater landing site for an underwater ET base?  Do you believe the Native Legends?

Who do you think created this underwater city and for what purpose?

We’d love to hear from you.

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