‘Mad Scientist’ Injects Himself with 3.5M Year-Old Bacteria

Anatoli Brouchkov stands in front of Mammoth Mountain near the site of the bacteria's discovery. (Twitter)

Anatoli Brouchkov stands in front of Mammoth Mountain near the site of the bacteria’s discovery. (Twitter)

‘Mad Scientist’ Injects Himself with 3.5M Year-Old Bacteria


A scientist in Russia has reportedly injected himself with an ancient bacteria in hopes to find the key to ‘prolonged human life.’

In 2009, Anatoli Brouchkov, head of the department for Geocryology at Moscow State University discovered a 3.5 million year-old bacterial organism still living within layers of permafront at a site known as Mammoth Mounter located in Siberia.

Brouchkov went against protocol, in what many researchers would deem ‘irresponsible’ at best, and what any fan of The X-Files might find ‘cringeworthy’.

Puzzled by the organism’s longevity,  curiosity got the best of him so Brouchkov decided to go ahead and inject himself with “Bacillus F” in advance of further research. It sounds as though he has no regrets.

“I started to work longer, I never had a flu for the last two years. It still needs experiments. You see, we have to first find the mechanism, how that bacteria prevents aging, so (I think) that is the way science should (understand) what keeps the bacteria alive. What is that mechanism preventing the age and damages, and how can we use it for our own benefits?”

RT claims that animals in the lab are also healthier and reproducing at an older age.

“I would say, there exist [in the world] immortal bacteria, immortal beings. They cannot die, to more precise, they can protect themselves,” asserts Brouchkov.

“Our cells are unable to protect themselves from damage, these bacteria cells are able to protect themselves.” 

What are your thoughts? Should scientists experiment on themselves, or seek first to understand these things through proper research processes? Should we pause on this bold claim until further peer-reviewed journals are available? Tell us what you think.

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