Man Claims To Have Uncovered A Fossilized Bigfoot Skull


A Utah man claims to have unearthed a skull, which he believes to be that of a Sasquatch.

Bigfoot enthusiast Todd May, says he made his discovery while walking home through an area he often frequented, reportedly finding interesting fossils and rocks.

May says “I looked around for about half an hour, then I saw it.” and concluded that the 75 pound formation belonged to either Bigfoot or one of its ancestors.

However, Midwestern State University Assistant Geoscience Professor Jesse Carlucci refuted the claim after having seen the object himself, stating it is nothing more than a rock.

Carlucci added “Often, the natural fractures or joints in the rock are sites of increased weathering, where you have these types of depressions form. It’s not Bigfoot! If it were a skull,  it would be a lot more fragile.”

May, who has already made claims as to having met a Bigfoot twice, reflected, “The first  time I saw one I was startled, it looked like an ape from the zoo.” and admits that, though  there are bound to be doubters, he insists it is rooted in jealousy.

“There’s haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don’t like that I found something first.”

Source: Express.Co.UK


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