Man Crashes Dodge Challenger Through Building Attempting to Time Travel


The prospect of this time traveling auto could be the stuff of legend, or perhaps 1985’s Back to the Future. However, for two Florida company owners, it’s absolutely no tall tale.

On December 20th, a driver in Pensacola careened a Dodge Challenger muscle car into two local businesses, Advanced Tax Services then Pensacola Caskets. He punched thru wall structures and at last coming to a stop past the double doors of the building’s rear entrance.

According to police, the driver said he had been wanting to “time travel.” Thank goodness the driver was said to have been uninjured in the crash, while the small businesses were found to be vacant at that time. Nevertheless, as a result of harshness of the impact, the two offices are now sealed.


From the interview with ABC 3 WEAR, gm Emanuel Mores explained the locations “looked like a bomb went off,” with debris, computer systems, as well as chairs strewn all over the place from the vehicle crash. Mores stated he was first irritated in regards to the accident, even so, pleased that no-one was injured during this process. The businesses have been boarded up the following morning.


Speaking with the Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola Caskets co-owner Ellison Bennett repeated Mores’ relief, saying, “if this had happened on a week day and someone had actually been in one of those cubicles, it could have been very tragic.”

The two organizations want to relocate in close proximity.

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