Massive Sinkhole Takes A bite out of Australlia


A sinkhole at Inskip Point in the Australian state of Queensland devoured a car, caravan and camping trailer in late Saturday night, and around 400 people who were camping in the area were evacuated. According  to 9 News in Australia The sinkhole was roughly 300 feet wide, 300 feet long and 10 feet deep.

Casey Hughes told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the sinkhole sounded like thunder, and when it began, a woman ran through the campsite waking campers to alert them about the need to evacuate. Officials said there were no injuries during the incident, and some of the campers left the grounds immediately and set up temporarily at a nearby park, ABC also reported. The Weather channel reports here.

Sinkholes are caused As the limestone dissolves, pores and cracks are enlarged and carry even more acidic water. Sinkholes are formed when the land surface above collapses or sinks into the cavities or when surface material is carried downward into the voids. A report out of the United Kingdom


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