Material From A Four Million Year Old Asteroid Found

An asteroid impact on Earth could trigger a global catastrophe, tsunamis or regional devastation


Scientists at  Australian National University’s Planetary Institute have uncovered evidence of  a gigantic asteroid that crashed into Earth billions of years ago.

Earth and paleoclimate scientist Andrew Glikson said “The impact would have triggered earthquakes orders of magnitude greater than terrestrial earthquakes and it would have caused huge tsunamis and would have made cliffs crumble.”

Scientists conclude that the impact could have been even more devastating than the collision that’s thought to have contributed to the decline of the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago.

The researchers think that this asteroid would have measured between 20 to 30 kilometres across,  and the crater resulting from its impact could have extended for hundreds of kilometres.

Material from the impact would have spread worldwide,” said Glikson. “These spherules were found  in sea floor sediments that date from 3.46 billion years ago.”

“Exactly where this asteroid struck the earth remains a mystery,” he adds “Any craters from this  time on Earth’s surface have been obliterated by volcanic activity and tectonic movements.”


Source: ScienceAlert

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