‘Medical Cat’ Cares for Patients


‘Medical Cat’ Cares for Patients

(Bydgoszcz, Poland)

Perhaps as a gesture of gratitude, a small black cat has volunteered to nurse sick and recovering animals in a Polish veterinary hospital. It was only a year ago that Radamenes, the Medical Cat, was a patient at the Bydgoszcz clinic. The stray was taken to the hospital in such bad condition that few believed he had a chance to survive, but caring veterinary doctors refused to give up. After long weeks of medical attention, the affectionate black pussycat responded to their care with a full recovery. The staff, by then attached to cat, decided to make the veterinary clinic his ‘forever-home.’ They choose to name him Radamenes after a cat character in a popular Polish children’s TV program; the TV character grants seven wishes to a boy that rescued the cat from thugs.

After settling into the clinic, Radamenes got to work snuggling, massaging, and grooming visiting ‘patients’. Staff report that the animals respond to Radamenes’ attention and they recover faster. The amazing medical cat seems to attend to more seriously injured animals first, and will even lavish extra-gentle care upon animals coming out of surgery.

Hospital veterinarian, Lucyna Kuziel–Zawalich spoke of this cat’s caring nature:

“He cuddles and hugs other poorly animals. He cleans them and sleeps with them and pays particular attention to those suffering from serious diseases. It’s as if having been so close to death’s door himself, he now wants to help others get better.”

It wasn’t long before the cat was known throughout the town for his alleged healing ways. People regularly stop by the clinic to visit the adorable, little cat-nurse and see him at work taking care of animal patients. The hospital staff lovingly call him their mascot and laugh that he is now a full-time staff member. Radamenes, the medical cat, proves once and for all the cats really do care.

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