Multiple ‘Glowing Orb’ UFO’s Caught on Camera

Stunning Lights Witnessed Over Massachusetts

Glowing orb UFO's caught on camera

Glowing orb UFO’s caught on camera

Captured on a clear night are what appears to be five glowing objects in horizontal formation emerging from a larger lighted ball over western Massachusetts. The behavior and rapid movement of the orbs do not appear to be indicative of normal drone or skydiver type behavior.


User kmoorz on Youtube also replies, “Hey everyone! I am in Halifax Nova Scotia and on June 17 2015 I also witnessed these lights over Halifax Harbour!”

Not An Isolated Incident

Similarly, several others caught the incident on camera, as well as other incidents visible even during daytime in Western Mass.

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What are these glowing balls of light and how are they able to maneuver with such precision? The lights do not appear to spark or diminish in brightness, also suggesting that they might not be flares.

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