A Mysterious Craft’s Explosion Rocks London


A baffling new video has just been uploaded to YouTube, in which light flashes and explosions can be seen and heard, and according to some local residents, even felt.

People living in Essex and East London reported hearing three ‘booms’ and witnesses claimed the noises were so severe they shook houses.

While some viewers offer a fighter jet as an explanation, most viewers suggest the light and noises were from UFOs.

The man who posted the video, who which to remain anonymous, offered his own opinion as to the cause stating “I have a theory that it was a meteorite. If it had been a land-based explosion there would be damage somewhere but so far no damage. It was too loud to be a firework that’s for sure and fireworks don’t shake houses. I don’t think it’s a supersonic aircraft as a sonic boom does not give off light. I think it was a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere. This would give off light and cause a sonic boom.”

The Ministry of Defense said it was unaware of the noise but would be looking into it while the Metropolitan Police said it had received calls about the incident but would not be investigating.

However, spokesman for the Royal Observatory at the Royal Museum of Greenwich denied the claims of a meteor stating “This doesn’t have the character of a meteor, since such a blast would only occur after a sustained bright light during atmospheric entry – not a quick flash as shown in the video. It’s also somewhat unlikely that three blasts would be heard. It looks and sounds a little bit more like a firework.”

Source: Mirror.Co.UK


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