Mysterious Killer Florida Sinkhole Opens Up AGAIN

Residents of several Florida homes have been evacuated due to a sinkhole that opened up in a Dunedin, Florida backyard, near St Petersburg Thursday.In March 2013, a 20-foot-wide sinkhole opened up beneath the bedroom floor of a sleeping Florida man and swallowed him whole.

The body of Jeffrey Bush, 36, was never recovered and the house was razed. With the property roped off and the hole filled in, that should have been the tragedy’s last scene.

But Wednesday, at the very same site, another sinkhole formed. Wednesday morning, nearby residents in Seffner, Fla., said they heard a loud noise and then discovered the hole, according to local CBS affiliate WTSP-TV. It is 17 feet wide and 20 feet deep, according to Ron Spiller, the director of code enforcement for Hillsborough County. No one was injured and no nearby homes have been evacuated.

A woman walking her dog past the area on August 19th heard a rumble and saw the sinkhole reappear. Fortunately, neither she nor her dog nor anyone else was pulled into the 20-foot hole that opened in the same spot as before. Officials say heavy recent rainfall caused the sinkhole and there is no danger to the neighborhood.

Homeowner Michael Dupre said ‘It sounded like banging against the windows. I thought someone was trying to break-in,’ his daughter Ivy Dupre told Fox 13.

Ivy Dupre said that there seemed to be two sinkholes, one that opened up in the backyard and one near her bedroom, but that has not yet been confirmed by fire and rescue officials.


The sinkhole has swallowed up the master bedroom and in-ground pool of one home, while another home lost their deck and boat.

Sinkholes are common in Florida because the peninsula is made up of porous carbonate rocks such as limestone that store and help move water underground.

Over time, the rocks can dissolve from an acid created from oxygen in water, creating a void under the limestone roof. When dirt, clay or sand gets too heavy for the limestone roof, it can collapse, creating a sinkhole.

 In August, sections of a building at a resort near Orlando collapsed into a sinkhole. No one was injured in that sinkhole.

In 1890 in the town of Chipley in southwestern Florida, two teenage girls drowned while swimming in a sinkhole that had filled with water. One body was found but divers were never able to locate the other. Attempts to drain the sinkhole failed as it mysteriously filled as fast as the water could be pumped out. Since then, local residents report seeing a young woman rise from the sinkhole and walk across the water.

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