Mystery Leg Found in Grand River

A leg was found in the Grand River in Michigan this past weekend. Nobody knows yet to whom the leg belongs.

A leg was found in the Grand River in Michigan this past weekend. Nobody knows yet to whom the leg belongs.  (Rod Sanford/Lansing State Journal)

Mystery Leg Found in Grand River


The lower half of a human leg with the foot still inside a tennis shoe was discovered in the Grand River near Lansing, Michigan this past weekend.

Brenke Fish Ladder, where the leg was discovered by a local fisherman,  was combed through for a total of 6 hours by police and the Capital Area Dive Team, yet no other clues presented themselves and no other body parts were located.

Police worked in a makeshift crime lab set up on the bank of the river, according to the Detroit Free Press.  Through yellow police caution tape, a crowd gathered on both sides of the river to watch, but not even the Michigan State Police cadaver dog brought to the site could sniff out further clues.

Perhaps DNA testing will determine if it is possible that this leg belongs to a man who went missing earlier this year. The Ingham County Medical Examiner’s office are said to be further investigating the discovery.

Other reports speculate that this could be related to a couple that disappeared at Brenke’s Fish Ladder back in April 2015.

The body of Josephina Betancourt was found in the river in May. She was last seen with was her boyfriend, Manuel Montenegro Peña, who was  56 years old at that time, who was never located.

Bettancourt’s car was discovered in a city parking lot nearby the same location of the found leg.

Ironically, the leg turned up the same day that Betancourt would have celebrated her 39th Birthday.

Her family had just released 39 balloons at the Fish Ladder in her honor that Friday evening.

Who do think the mystery leg belongs to?  What do you think happened here?

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