NASA Fights Back


NASA is now fighting back against claims made by former Microsoft chief technology officer, stating that there were flaws in their data regarding asteroids.

In the paper, Myhrvold argued, that the models NASA researchers have used to estimate asteroid  size from WISE observations fail to take into account key principles of radiation absorption and emission. As a result, these size estimates are far less reliable than NASA has claimed.

However, NASA has just posted a rebuttal expressing faith in the NEOWISE analyses and noting  that Myhrvold’s paper has yet to be peer-reviewed, explaining that examination of the paper by  members of the science community studying near-Earth objects has found several fundamental errors in Myhrvold’s approach and analysis — mistakes that an independent peer-review process is  designed to catch,”

The NEOWISE studies have been peer-reviewed, NASA officials added.

Source: Space

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