NASA Is Going With “Space Dandruff” To Explain UFO’s Sightings


Former NASA employee James Oberg says UFO sightings can all be explained by a phenomenon known as “space dandruff’.

Oberg, who worked from 1975 to 1997 at Johnson Space Center, says there are quite rational explanations for most sightings, siting examples such as when people claim to see an object a few miles away, when they are in fact a few hundred miles away, where the sun distorts the light, causing the viewer to misinterpret what they are seeing.

Oberg offers another explanation for sightings based on shadow. ‘When the sun is behind them, spacecrafts have nothing to cast their shadows on until some tiny “object” passes in front of it, causing the “object” to alternately turn bright, disappear, reappear and twinkle again as the craft, the sun and the object move.”

Oberg claims all sightings can be explained as ice crystals, insulation, debris and other tiny pieces of space stuff that were once on the spacecraft and are now floating in front of cameras and windows. Since they’re so tiny and moving between sunlight and shadows, they can’t be conclusively identified, but he is certain they’re “space dandruff.”

Oberg handled orbital rendezvous techniques for several missions for NASA as well as having studied the Soviet and Russian space programs for NASA before leaving to become a journalist and historian and says he’s not trying to say UFOs don’t exist, just that what we’ve seen so far isn’t of alien origin.

He also doesn’t believe NASA or the federal government is hiding anything about UFOs.

Source: MysteriousUniverse


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