Could NASA Have Miscalculated Data On Asteroids?


Serious and potential terrifying allegations have been brought up against NASA, claiming their data released on asteroids is “basically all wrong.”

Nathan Myhrvold, a former Microsoft chief technologist, has just published a paper in Science magazine, stating that “NASA’s statistics on the size of these asteroids is riddled with errors, none of their results can be replicated. I found one irregularity after another.”

Although the chances are only around one in 10,000 of these errors causing any devastating catastrophe like an asteroid impact, Myhrvold says they made mistakes, such as ignoring the margin of error introduced when extrapolating from a small sample size to an entire population.

However, NASA is fighting back, stating that it is Myhrvold’s paper itself that is full of errors.

Ned Wright, the principal investigator for WISE at the University of California, said “For every mistake I found in his paper, if I got a bounty, I would be rich.”

Myhrvold responded by saying he’s fixing the errors, and said they do not alter  his overall findings.

The good news is that Myhrvold himself says NASA has not overlooked the dangers posed by these  lurking space rocks.
Source: ScienceAlert

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