Nazi Fools’ Gold?


The quiet rolling hills surrounding a Polish medieval castle have been invaded by treasure-seeking tourists determined to find a gold-laden Nazi train that may, or not, even exist. Said to be hidden within a labyrinth of tunnels dug by Nazi slaves during World War Two, the mysterious Gold Train train has even been rumored to contain the pieces of the famous missing Russian Amber Room among its priceless cargo.

Since the story of the discovery first broke in mid-August, hundreds of treasure-hunters from distant parts of Europe and the world have flooded the peaceful, Polish countryside in hopes of claiming a part of the fortune. However, many years ago, the Polish government laid lawful claim and custody to any discovered World War Two treasures. Officials added that any traceable belongings would be returned to the rightful owners. Polish government officials have confirmed the reports that two men have said they discovered the armored train’s location using ground-penetrating radar. The Polish government has agreed to award a 10% finder fee to the two anonymous men.

The story begins in the spring of 1945, during the last days of World War Two, as the well-beaten Nazis fled the advancing Allied troops. The secret of the lost train is said to have been revealed during the deathbed confession of a German soldier that helped load the train with the stolen property. After loading it with jewels, artwork, artifacts, and gold, the train was set on course to Berlin, but along the way, it was suddenly diverted to avoid encroaching Allied Forces. It was at this point that the train and its priceless treasures disappeared without a trace into the sophisticated tunnel system under the Owl Mountains where it remains hidden to this day – seventy years later.

On August 28, the Polish Deputy Culture Minister announced that he is 99% positive that the train has been found, but his warning that it’s almost certainly booby-trapped has gone unheeded by most treasure seekers. People have been seen stopping to take ‘selfies’ on nearby train tracks and at least one person had only narrowly missed being killed by an oncoming train.

On a lighter note, a 28 year old Polish TV personality has written a song in honor of the golden train. The lyrics refrain,

The train is coming – it’s dripping with gold.

In a less optimistic statement, Polish central bank governor, Marek Belka, chimed in that he believes the report of a Nazi Gold Train is a complete hoax. Mr. Belka said, “I think nobody (at the central bank) even thought to devote a second to this issue. This is some hoax.”

The Polish military has been deployed to look for the Nazi Gold Train. According to a military spokesperson, “The defense minister decided to send technical equipment to search the area in order to determine whether a train actually exists. The army is acting at the request of the governor of the region concerned.”

According to The Telegraph, Magdalena Woch, director of culture at Ksiaz Castle stated, “There is a story that in 1945 there were three trains which came into town and have never been found.” So, it is a possibility that there is much more treasure under the mountains of Poland to be found.

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