New Video Shows Bewitched Doll Walk On Its Own


A new video uploaded to YouTube has viewers both terrified and intrigued as a footage shows a life-size doll, that walks by itself, but only when holding hands with it elderly owner.

Rosalba Valdez Alvarado, shows the other people in the courtyard that the doll does not have a battery and had not been modified to help it walk like a real girl, and proves to onlookers, that the doll will not walk with anyone but her. Many have tried and all have failed.

The bizarre video was viewed 5.5 million times in just three days and have viewers convinced that the doll is bewitched.


Guillermo Rios, the man who posted the video online, said: ‘Everybody said that it is a fake, but they would need to be there in order to see that it is not a trick.’ and according to local media, the woman has apparently featured in local television programs about paranormal activities.

Although the doll will only walk with her owner, neighbors say they have seen the 42-year-old doll move its wrist on its own when they look through the window into Ms Alvarado’s house.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK


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