NJ Daycare Fight Club

Yes.  It’s just as ludicrous as it sounds.  Two women have been charged with organizing and filming physical altercations among children ages 4 to 6.

Fight Club

Fight Club

Originally reported by CBS2.

For those too old or too young to have seen the classic David Fincher film, or read the equally fantastic novel, a fight club is a group of people that usually meets in abandoned warehouses or gas station basements for the sole purpose of beating each other to a pulp.  The last place you’d expect to find such a thing would be a schoolyard playground.  Money is often involved, but another major aspect of the underground sport is the adrenaline rush.

A rush that 2 New Jersey day care employees were certainly feeling when they orchestrated and subsequently filmed fights between preschoolers and kindergartners at the Lightbridge Academy in Cranford last month.

“About a dozen children — boys and girls between the ages 4 and 6 — just fighting.  Throwing each other to the ground.  Hitting each other.” said Union County Prosecutor Grace Park.  One of the women allegedly filmed the fights and sent them to a group of people via the temporary sharing phone app Snapchat.

The flip side, if there is one, is that the investigation is primarily focusing on an incident that occurred on Aug. 13 with the possibility of ongoing fights.  Making this either as true as it is absurd or a staged event for film making pleasure.  Either way no serious injuries were reported and the 2 caretakers have been let go.

The Lightbridge Academy had this to say: “As parents and caregivers we are shocked and saddened by this isolated incident and we have assisted the prosecutor’s office from the start of its investigation into this matter.  While no children were physically harmed during this incident, we have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who acts in conflict with the core value of Lightbridge Academy – the safety and well-being of children.”

When are people going to learn that when something says “Deleted automatically and forever.” it actually means, “We are keeping all your info for future use by authorities and government agencies.”.

What are your thoughts?  Was it a simple indie film making gag gone wrong?  Were these employees trying to expose multiple personality disorder?  Join the conversation below or on Facebook, or hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #DMTalk.

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