Not Haunted by Ghosts, but Women of the Night

Strange noises, flickering lights, and spooky shadows: neighbors to an empty Chinese warehouse were expecting ghosts when they reported their findings to local police. Instead, what authorities discovered after investigating the dilapidated building was a run-down property being discreetly used as a house of ill-repute.

Ghosts in haunted building turn out to be prostitutes

China’s ghostly prostitutes

Situated in China’s southeast Zhejiang province, witnesses had good reason to suspect supernatural intrigue: the brothel is located next to a haunted cemetery.

Upon being alerted to the strange occurrences, Wenzhou police set up a “paranormal” stake out for a few days. Rather than witnessing ghostly entities, all they observed, however, was a peculiarly high number of male visitors. Upon raiding the premises, authorities then discovered a suspicious multitude of old condoms scattered throughout the property. A handful of women, and one male ringleader by the name of Chen were reportedly arrested at the scene.

Japhy Ryder

Japhy Ryder

Canadian Ex-Pat living in South Korea since 2002. Worked previously as a freelance University & community based journalist. Keen interest in many subjects, including current events, UFOs, skepticism, & the paranormal.

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