Oldest Known Music In The Universe Just Released


Some of the oldest music in the Universe has just been  released for the first time by a team of researchers of a group of stars up to 13 billion years old.

Led by Andrea Miglio from the University of Birmingham in the UK, he and his colleagues used data from NASA’s Kepler missions to measure stars in the Milky Way’s M4 cluster, and by using an audio technique known as asteroseismology, it measures the oscillations of distant stars, which can then be converted into sound.

The team explained that the sound is ‘trapped’ inside the stars, which is what makes them resonate and that since the natural frequencies of these oscillations are too low for the human ear to hear, they are then sped up, and the resulting ‘music’ can give provide information about the mass and age of each star.

Miglio said “We were thrilled to be able to listen to some of the stellar relics of the early Universe. The stars we have studied really are living fossils from the time of the formation of our galaxy, and we now hope be able to unlock the secrets of how spiral galaxies, like our own, formed and evolved.”

Since the same technique used in this study can also be applied to many other stars in the same galaxy, co-author of the study, Guy Davies, added “The age scale of stars has so far been restricted to relatively young stars, limiting our ability to probe the early history of our galaxy. In this research we have been able to prove that asteroseismology can give precise and accurate ages for the oldest stars in the galaxy.”

Source: ScienceAlert


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