Orange Orb Caught On Camera


A Canadian UFO Hunter recorded footage of a mysterious orange orb, seen above the Vancouver sky.

Charles Lamoureux said he was able to film the fuzzy, sphere shaped object using a system he calls his Skywatcher’s Mobile Unit, which he says is “fitted with Night vision, thermal camera, and regular camcorder, etc.” and points out that he was able to be film the object using his night vision camera, but it did not show up on his thermal, heat-sensing camera.

“Most night vision captures I see, I can easily see wings if it’s a bird, bug or any other mundane object.” Lamoureux explained. “This object was semi translucent, so I ruled out balloon. I then followed it, and since it was fairly close, I looked directly at the sky and did not see anything.”

Lamoureux adds as it was not picked up by his heat sensing camera, that “Thermal imaging shows objects that are different temperatures as different colors. The orb could not be seen on the thermal camera because it was either the same temperature as the air around it or colder.” and was quick to point out that “a small bird, or other heat-omitting object, was able to be seen on the unit above the orb he was tracking. This can be seen in the video. However, although the bird can be seen in the thermal and the night vision, the orb is only seen on the night vision”

Lamoureux’s UFO research is being featured in a French-Canadian documentary titled (translated) “Lights in the sky” and says it is a “Very unbiased look at UFOs” and that “the film follows me in my travels to find answers.”

A French version will be aired on Canadian television soon, and an English version of the documentary is in the works.

Source: OpenMinds.TV


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