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Cristiano Ronaldo rises up into a UFO over the Bernabeu Stadium (Football Deluxe)

Cristiano Ronaldo rises up into a UFO over the Bernabeu Stadium (Football Deluxe)

With the NFL season now underway, we are reminded of the those times when paranormal news crosses paths with the wild, wacky world of sports. According to an article in the Washington Times, half of Americans believe that “supernatural” forces effect the outcome of sporting events. These forces include things such god, curses, and superstitious rituals. Over the last decade, a few notable occurrences in particular have piqued the interest of those investigating the field of the paranormal as it collides head-on with the field of play.

The Curious Case of Henry Stuckey

Take the curious case of the missing ’72 Miami Dolphins player, Henry Stuckey. NFL rumor has it that every year all the surviving members of the famous 1972 undefeated Super Bowl winning team get together and toast themselves shortly after the last remaining undefeated NFL team loses its first game. As legend goes, when that final team is defeated, the remaining ’72 Dolphins players dance on the “graves” of the defeated. Some have suggested that this annual tradition of NFL lore is a myth, and that would seem to make sense now because, well, there’s one member of that Hall-of-Fame team that can’t be accounted for. At all. Anywhere.

Henry Stuckey during his playing days (Sun-Sentinel)

What happened to Henry Stuckey? (Sun-Sentinel)

That player is Henry Stuckey. Sports memorabilia collector Ryan Dunn from Altoona, Iowa, had a mission to get every autograph of every member of the ’72 Dolphins, both players and coaches. He succeeded in gathering them all except for that of reserve cornerback Henry Stuckey, whose location seemed to be unknown. The team hasn’t heard from him for decades and his former teammates don’t have a clue what happened to him. Dunn tracked down Stuckey’s last recorded whereabouts in a low-rent hotel room in Atlantic City and wrote multiple letters to that address with no response. Dunn then reached out for help in his search for the missing  player from Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde and even NBC Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, all to no avail. As a last ditch effort, he took the last few addresses in Atlantic City that he could in any way link to Stuckey and plugged them into Google Earth to see if they really even existed.

“And then Hurricane Sandy hit there and it seems like those places got washed away,” says Dunn, “That’s the last I’ve been able to find anything about him. It’s hard to vanish in the world today, but he seems to have done it.”

Dunn managed to secure Stuckey’s autograph from a fellow collector who heard his plight, but there is still no trace of Stuckey himself. It may require another NFL team to go undefeated in order to get Stuckey to emerge from the shadows.

NFL cameraman captures UFO as it flies over New Orleans

Then there was the video captured by an NBC Sports cameraman during an NBC Sunday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints on October 23rd, 2011. As a camera rolled outside the Superdome, the New Orleans city scene footage drew the attention of UFO enthusiasts after it seemed to catch a flying saucer as it blazes across the sky in what appears to be a spinning motion. Perhaps they zoomed away upon realizing that they couldn’t see the game from above due to it being played in a domed stadium. Watch the clip of the NBC coverage shared on YouTube below (notice on the screen a serendipitous advertisement for the premiere of the TV show Grimm.)

Shadow Person shows up on live TV during a Soccer Match

Last but not least, there was the footage of a shadow person that was caught live and on tape by FOX Vivo during a soccer match in Bolivia’s Hernando Siles Stadium in 2014. The ghostly figure can quite discerningly be spotted briskly walking across the stands and through spectators and even a barrier without breaking stride. With abilities like that, one of the clubs should have immediately signed him to a contract. Watch the YouTube video of the mysterious, speedy silhouette below.

What do you think of these supposedly supernatural sports stories? Where is ’72 Dolphins player Henry Stuckey? Was that truly a UFO streaking across the New Orleans night sky during a prime time NFL game? What is the explanation behind the clearly visible shadow person seen sprinting through the Bolivian soccer stadium during a live match? Share your theories at and join the discussion on Twitter using #Darkthirtynews.

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