Paranormal ghost hunting team to probe spirit in local business

Paranormal ghost hunting team to probe spirit in local business

FRAN MAYE – The Kennett PaperA professional ghost hunting team will be checking this building — the Polished Salon in Kennett Square — out in January for a paranormal spirit that is reported to be there.

KENNETT SQUARE >> The minute Wanda McCracken walked into Polished Salon off Union Street, she sensed something wasn’t quite right. She walked a bit more toward the center of the store and then it happened. A spirit entered her body.

McCracken began to giggle hysterically, and then spoke in a little girl’s voice. Just as quickly as the spirit took over McCracken’s body, it departed.

“I was there when it happened,” said Olen Grimes, owner of My Polished Salon along with neighboring Art Works. “There is no question something was there.”

Others also witnessed the event, which occurred late in October, including McCracken’s associate.

A team of paranormal investigators from Delaware City Ghost Hunters will return to the store Jan. 9 to try to communicate with the spirit. McCracken, director of the non-profit ghost hunting firm, said she is expecting to film solid evidence of spiritual activity.

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