Paranormal Investigator Honors Dog’s Memory by Raising Funds in Her Name

Whether or not your beliefs in the afterlife extend to your pets, paranormal investigator, Tim Maile, is a firm believer and is currently fundraising in the name of his dog Sasha who recently passed on. The online food drive and fundraiser is for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society  where he adopted Sasha 11 months ago. Maile opened up his home and heart to Sasha after she was given up at age 13.

The paranormal community has been embracing the food drive by also donating incentives such as books personally signed, t-shirts and videos and anyone who donates will be put into a drawing.

Sasha, age 13

Paranormal Investigator, Tim Maile opened up his home and heart to Sasha after she was given up at age 13.

Maile’s story regarding his dedication to animals goes much deeper and begins with a dog named Murray.

In 2008 Maile founded Fox Cities Paranormal Team and in 2013 one of the team’s residential cases was featured on Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. He was soon invited to speak on radio shows and conferences about his paranormal experience. But Maile realized for people to truly understand his paranormal life was to also know the story of his dog named Murray and how he saved his life.

“My relationship with Murray started in late 2006. I had just bought a house for the first time and was suffering from severe depression. I had made up my mind that I wanted a dog and had my heart set on a yellow lab. I searched for labs on I came across the story of this pit/lab mix and fell in love with him immediately! Striker (as he was named at the time) was so severely abused that he was rescued from the home by this particular shelter. I called to inquire about Striker and they agreed to let me see him with some warning. The abuser was a large male and there was a chance that Striker would be too scared to even acknowledge me. I went to the shelter with cautious optimism. They put me in a room and went to open Striker’s kennel…it was like out of a movie! He came running to me and jumped into my arms!

I wish I could say the story was all happy, but it wasn’t. I was still suffering from depression and one night in particular I had decided to end it all. I went through a list of people in my life and justified my decision. They wouldn’t have to deal with my messed up head anymore…I even thought I would get to see my Dad again. As I was sitting there sobbing I felt something on my arm. I looked down to see Murray with his head resting on my arm looking up at me. It snapped me out of it and I realized that Murray needed me just as much as I needed him. We were all each of us had. I couldn’t do that to him!” said Maile.

Paranormal Investigator, Tim Maile and Murray

Tim Maile and Murray. Maile speaks about the impact Murray had on his life at paranormal conferences across the country.

Maile has been raising money through ticket sales, signed photos and general donations, for animal rescues across the country at all of the paranormal conferences he has attended since 2013 through his charity, Pawtographs for Pooches.

“Pawtographs is really about giving back to animal shelters. I wanted to raise money for animals around the country. I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to speak at many paranormal conventions around the US and even into Canada!” said Maile.

To date he has raised $4,400 including the most recent Little Traverse Bay Parafest in Petoskey, MI, in October where he raised over $800 for the Northern Michigan Animal Rescue Network in just two days. It’s impressive to say the least that one man can do this on his own but then again it just shows how strong the love can be between a dog and his owner, even beyond death.

“What I am most excited about is Murray now has a legacy. What he did for me was so special and I want people to know how amazing he is!” said Maile.

If you would like to donate to the Food Drive and Online Fundraiser For OAHS in Honor of Sasha! Go to the Facebook page or you can donate directly through PayPal at [email protected] and 100% of the donations go to the fund.

The Online fundraiser is running from October 27 through November 23.

On April 23rd paranormal experts John CassidyJacklyn Hogan CassidyJohn Tenney and Cassidy Rae will join with Maile at The Terrace Inn in Petoskey, MI to raise money for Northern Michigan Animal Rescue Network which will include lectures, dinner, and paranormal investigations.

To book a Paranormal event to benefit Pawtographs for Pooches go to the Pawtographs Facebook page or contact Tim Maile.

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Before having 3 lovingly rambunctious kids, Kelly Smith worked as a reporter and copy writer for various newspapers and magazines. Having a passion for the paranormal field, Kelly is the lead investigator and co-owner of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group. She combines her passion for journalism and the paranormal in search of the truth.

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