Paranormal Meets the Sports World


It’s not often that the world of sports enters the realm of the paranormal.  Enter two cases in point.

A video of the 1995 Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley match has just resurfaced.  Many viewers are claiming it shows a man standing in the front row, filming the bout with a smartphone years before their invention.

Viewers claim you can clearly see the man holding an object that appears to have a lens in the center, just like a smartphone, and cell phones would not have cameras in them for another five years.

Ufologist Scott Waring evens goes so far as to suggest: “What we have here is a time traveler coming back to watch their favorite fighter and sitting in the front row seats.”

And from the ring to the race track…

An artificial intelligence company called, Unanimous claims they have developed a software that successfully predicted the top four horses that won the Kentucky Derby.

The software called UNU also correctly predicted who won the Oscars as well as the Super Bowl.

Inspired by bees, the platform works by polling many different people together which then gives the group a better chance of reaching the same decision.

By tapping into the knowledge of a group of people, the company hopes to use this technology in the medical and political fields.

Sources: Mirror, Mysterious Universe

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