Physicist Claims The Use Of Photonics Technology Could Revolutionize Our Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence



In a paper soon to be published in Reviews in Human Space Exploration, Physicist Philip Lubin  from the University of California, believes by using directed energy lasers we could send a detectable beam outwards to let others know we are here.

Lubin suggests that by using  photonics technology we could revolutionize the way we search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Lubin theorizes if advanced life forms are out there and want to be found, that they could be  using the same kind of ‘directed energy’ systems to be broadcasting their presence to us and says the type of laser propulsion system prof Stephen Hawking suggested in sending a ‘nanocraft’  to Alpha Centauri in 20 years could be the same technology needed to allow us to pick up alien  transmissions from anywhere in the Milky Way and beyond.

He makes he case by stating “If even one other civilization existed in our galaxy and had a similar or more advanced level of directed-energy technology, we could detect ‘them’ anywhere in  our galaxy with a very modest detection approach. If we scale it up as we’re doing with direct  energy systems, how far could we detect a civilization equivalent to ours? The answer becomes  that the entire Universe is now open to us.”

According to Lubin “As a species we are evolving rapidly in photonics, the production and manipulation of light, we propose a search strategy that will observe nearly 100 billion planets, allowing us to test our hypothesis that other similarly or more advanced civilizations with this same broadcast capability exist.”


Source: ScienceAlert


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