Point Made – Time to Move Forward

images (2)I believe I have made my point. Let’s all move forward and talk about the future. Great things are possible with so much support coming in these past few days. Honestly I was ready to walk away from all of this. And then you all blasted me unexpectedly with mass support. I thank you and you have no idea what that means to me.

The support is also coming in from radio station owners and operators around the nation and in Canada!

I have been asked to put together a full 3 – 4 hour program which would go directly against MITD – the same time slot. This would be an independent production – solely owned and syndicated by me. I havent decided if I want to make this commitment. Unlike Art – I dont want to jump into something and retire a few weeks late. I have a keen interest in what the listener wants and a balanced interest in what the affiliates need. I don’t have the ego and will make this decision based on facts. Thus another reason I will be taking some time off to make sure I would be doing this for the right reasons. I will not operate my business driven by emotions. I will update you all here as soon as I have made my decision. In the mean time – lets all cool it and move forward?

I want to thank the following station owners/operators for your support of me through this ridiculous situation: Ed Stohlz at KBET in Las Vegas, Geno Munari, KIYQ, Paul Reyes KFRN, Andy Vierra, Aaron Scott – KQRP, KALH, KFTW, KJMR, KTSQ, KZPZ, WEFA, WZQR. Several others – I’m sorry if I missed you here. I look forward to working with you all and providing a real, professional and dementia free radio program. All stations btw – that no longer carry MITD as of Friday!

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