Popular Paranormal Experts Tell Stories of Pets and the Paranormal

Do our pets come back to haunt us?

Do our pets come back to haunt us?

“I was finishing up work in my office at the back of our apartment when I opened the door to exit and a cat sauntered inside. I saw it with my peripheral vision. The swagger was undeniable. I recognized the slightly arched back, the long tail sticking straight up in the air, curled at the end. A cat wandering into my office is an uncommon sight. Often, one or more of my cats curiously venture into my office to investigate, or hop on my lap to paw at the keyboard as I write or edit a video. When the door is shut they will wait outside, impatiently meowing until I let them in. Being that this cat that just strolled into my room was black it had to be Van Duzer. “Come on, boy,” I said without looking down. “You can’t stay in here. Let’s go.” I expected to feel him brush up against my leg as cat protocol dictates when he is petitioning for attention. Oddly enough he did not. Looking down, I realized there was no cat at my feet. There was no cat anywhere in the room. I called out for Van Duzer by name as if he would magically appear or answer. Poking my head out of the door I was able to see directly in the living room where Van Duzer was relaxing on the couch. He was curled up into a ball. He lifted his head slightly when he saw me, then put it back down and closed his eyes once more.”

This excerpt by paranormal investigator and animal activist, Christopher Mancuso is from his new book entitled Tails from the Other Side, a collection of stories relating to pets and the paranormal. This particular story was from Mancuso’s personal experience with the “ghost cat” he calls it. It marked the moment when Mancuso discovered that not only people have spirits but so do animals. He had realized that the cat that rubbed against his leg was actually his dearly departed cat who died a year earlier.

Belief System Shattered

“A few years ago if I heard myself saying this I would have laughed in my face. I didn’t believe in any of this crap,” said Mancuso. He had been investigating since 2002 for any evidence of the other side and it had taken him several skeptic years to believe that there was really something to it when he finally had a true paranormal experience in 2009.

“It took me by surprise thinking animals have spirits? I really battled with that,” explained Mancuso who was unaware of the impact this experience would have on his life. He consulted his friend and mentor, Demonologist and veteran Paranormal Investigator, John Zaffis, about what he just witnessed because of Zaffis’ 40 years plus experience. Mancuso’s acceptance was at first comforting.

But this sudden expansion of his belief system exploded before him.

“I started thinking oh my God all of the dogs and the cats in the shelters die without knowing any kind of love or compassion. It’s like a cold steel wound. They get a needle and that’s it. It hit me like a punch in the face. I decided I have to do something about this and contribute in some way.”

He offered up his filmmaking skills to create an advertisement for a rescue which he thought would be the end of it, but it was just the beginning. Once he was around the rescues and saw they needed volunteers, he and his wife started volunteering.

“Before I knew it I was fully immersed in the rescue world.”

paranormal investigator, Christopher Mancuso

Christopher Mancuso with one of his rescues

Today Mancuso dedicates all hours of the day working on placing homeless cats and getting them off the kill list for Staten Island Hope Rescue.  The shelter he now helps run as Director, rescued 2,300 from the kill shelter last year alone.

An Idea Was Born

While he was trying to think of other ways to help the rescue, his friend Zaffis suggested he write a book about pets and paranormal. Mancuso loved the idea it took off.

“It’s a compilation of people’s stories. Anyone who had that unexplainable experience. It doesn’t have to be just people from the paranormal field,” explained Mancuso. His hope is that Tails from the Other Side will help raise money and awareness to keep future cats from being euthanized.

Guest contributors to Tails From the Other Side include Godfather of Paranormal and Demonoligist, John Zaffis, metaphysical and paranormal field expert, Rosemary Ellen Guiley , Psychic and formerly of television’s Paranormal State, Michelle Belanger and occultist and investigator and Paranormal State researcher, Eilfie Music Edwards.

For more information or to donate please go to: Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Before having 3 lovingly rambunctious kids, Kelly Smith worked as a reporter and copy writer for various newspapers and magazines. Having a passion for the paranormal field, Kelly is the lead investigator and co-owner of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group. She combines her passion for journalism and the paranormal in search of the truth.

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