Powerful Hail Now Hits Spain

We earlier reported on the unusual and terrifying hail event that took place in Mexico on the 30 of Aug and now reports have come in about another devastating hailstorm, this time in Aragon in NE Spain.


The event took place on Aug. 31 during an outburst of powerful storms.  Hail the size of golf balls fell from the sky destroying everything from trees to windows to lawn furniture.  There is some incredible video footage online showing what appears to be a backyard and a pool.  The hail comes on light at first, splashing spouts of pool water into the air some 3 or 4 feet.  Then the barrage kicks in as the pool erupts and limbs slip away from trees like petals falling off a dead flower.  The sound is the most impressive part, echoing across the backyard like a flurry of gunshots, crashing and ricocheting against all surfaces.

Flamingos in Spain

Roofs and plastic poolside tables aren’t the only lawn ornaments that were destroyed in the sudden chaos.  Reports are saying as many as 300 flamingos were killed and many dozens more injured at one of Spain’s more important bird reserves in Pétrola lake, Albacete.  Ovidio García, from Albacete’s fire service, Sepei, said the fire service was called out by environmental officers at around 10.30am on Monday to help with the recovery of the animals, where they used two inflatable boats in order to access the birds in the middle of the lake; the most difficult place to reach.

First Mexico, now Spain, and multiple category 4 hurricanes in the pacific.  This is definitely turning out to be an interesting storm season, and officials are now saying this year’s El Nino will last a bit longer than usual and ramp up in intensity toward the end of the season.  Yet another reason to keep your eyes on the sky.

What are your thoughts?  Is this simply a matter of cyclical long-term weather patterns or is this another sign of imminent climate change?  Join the conversation below and on Facebook, and on Twitter use the hashtag #DMTalk.

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