Proof of ghosts? Phantom Bishop – In Britain Haunted Cathedral

A British mother got the fright of her life recently when she saw the ghost of a medieval bishop, lurking in a picture taken at one of Britain’s most haunted cathedrals.

She took the creepy photo while visiting Norwich Cathedral with her family. She said “There was nothing up there when I snapped the photo”.

When she reviewed the pictures on her cell phone later. What she saw frightened her to the bone. She saw a creepy figure captured on an upper level of the haunted 11th-century cathedral.


The apparition appears to wear long robes and a tall hat like a bishop would wear. It is believed this could be one of 12 or so bishops buried in the cathedral.

The cathedral is reportedly haunted and a number of ghost tours use it as a touring destination.

Workers at surrounding building sites, have reportedly seen objects moving on their own or have heard strange noises. Visitors have also claimed to have seen other ghostly figures inside the cathedral.

Some who have seen the image believe it is just an optical illusion caused by light bouncing off another part of the building’s stonework. What do you see?

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