RAF Engineer Claims MI5 Faked Crop Circles

MI5 and Fake Crop Circles

MI5 have been faking crop circles in modern times to discredit legitimate researchers.

David Clayton has had enough of government generated disinformation.

David Clayton, a former Royal Air Force engineer and expert on crop circles & cattle mutilations, claims that the MI5, (the UK equivalent of the CIA) have been faking crop circles to discredit legitimate British researchers. A large portion of the crop circles we see today and since the early 1990’s are man-made hoaxes, claims Clayton. He can separate the hoaxes from the legitimate crop circles by the way they are made. The fakes are generally made with boards and ropes leaving the crops crushed.  The real ones are alleged to happen when the crops are found altered by heat or a burning energy source. Clayton told UFO Truth Magazine’s International Annual Conference of a ‘sinister plot’ by the “Men In Black” to ensure that ‘the truth’ is never revealed. Although he lacks any hard evidence or declassified documents relating to these claims, he said, “MI5 were paying people to fake crop circles and muddy the waters.”

David Clayton & Gary Hestletine.

Crop Circle and UFO researchers David Clayton on the left & Gary Hestletine on the right

Gary Hestletine, the event organizer and fellow UFO researcher, stated that there has been a “deliberate policy” by the authorities to ‘downplay or debunk’ any unexplained activity. He also runs the PRUFOS or (Police Reporting UFO Sightings) online database. Hesletine criticized mainstream media for making light of the subject, saying that serious investigators are, “tired of being ridiculed,” for the legitimacy of beliefs.

“It’s time to lift the blinkers a bit and look at the very best evidence. If you do that you will have overwhelming evidence that ET is here and has been for many years.”

A common misconception is that crop circles are a relatively new phenomenon.

Our modern day idea of crop circles containing messages for humans dates back to World War II when British Intelligence first gained interest in them, thinking that Nazi sympathizers were making circles or using codes in farmers fields with bags of manure, guiding enemy pilots to munitions factories, as had been found in other countries across Europe at that time.

The Mowing Devil 300 Year Crop Circle Mystery

The Mowing Devil Is A 300 Year Old Crop Circle Mystery

One of the first recorded crop circles on British soul was found in Hertfordshire, just north of Greater London, and dates back to 1678. It is known as the The Mowing Devil incident in which a farmer stated he would ‘rather have the devil mow his field’ than pay the high wages of his farm hands. In one late August night, his oat field is said to have lit up with an ‘eerie fire-like glow.’ The next morning he found his field mowed and the oats unnaturally layered in the shape of an odd circle.

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