Rapid Climate Change Could Seriously Impact Ocean Biodiversity

A map depicting rising ocean temperatures (NOAA - June 2015)

A map depicting rising ocean temperatures. These changes could lead to mass extinctions over the next fifty years. (NOAA – June 2015)

Fate of Biological Life Unknown As Oceans Warm

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature, rapid changes in the Earth’s climate due to warming of oceans over the next 50 years could have a serious effect on migration and re-distribution of marine animal populations. What does this mean for the ocean’s ecosystems? At first, they estimate that we will experience a population boom in a large variety of these animals. The problem occurs, however, when these animals migrate and invade other delicately balanced ecosystems.

Climate Change – Bracing For the Inevitable

Though the true effects are unknown at this point and only speculative, for some, competitive animals may dominate and this could spell disastrous mass-extinctions of certain species on Earth as we know it. Polar ice regions are expected to be hit the hardest. Current research shows that there is no stopping these projected changes, however, swift actions on taking control of carbon emissions could significantly minimize these biological risks and soften the blow of climate impact.


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