Real Life Folk Hero Hugh Glass


An epic as enduring as time, the fateful tale of frontiersman Hugh Glass who was forced to travel 200 miles, much of which he crawled, through the wilderness after being left for dead.

As part of the Ashley Hundred, a group of trappers and explorers who were tasked with traveling up the Missouri on a “Fur Trading Venture”.  Eventually Glass joined a party of 13 men that were headed for Fort Henry and while scouting ahead for game Glass unintentionally stumbled upon a mother grizzly bear and her cubs. Glass was struck down before he could even fire his rifle.  He was taken to the ground where he finally killed the bear with the help of his traveling companions.  It wasn’t without cost though, as Glass was mutilated and left unconscious with a broken leg, lacerations covering much of his body, and wounds along his back that had left his ribs exposed.

His tale doesn’t end there, for he eventually regained consciousness, all his wounds festering, and lying in a shallow grave beneath the very hide of the bear that had mauled him; a gift left by his former companions.  His equipment, knife, and beloved rifle were all missing and he was 200 miles from the nearest friendly outpost when he began his harrowing journey, crawling for six weeks to reach the Cheyenne River while surviving mostly on berries and roots; he even claimed at one point to drive off a pair of wolves that had taken a young bison.

He eventually made the unimaginable trek over 200 miles to Fort Kiowa and after a long recuperation set out for vengeance against the men who had left him for dead and stolen his rifle.


The story, which has all but vanished into the annuls of history and folktale, is finally receiving a well-deserved big screen adaptation by the Oscar winning director of the 2014 surprise hit “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” and it’s starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe Leo’ll finally get his own oscar after what seems like a career fraught with as much adventure and intrigue as the legendary tale of the Frontiersman himself.

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