Reseachers Use Minecraft To Test Artifical Intelligence


Behavioral psychologists have begun using mazes to study memory and learning in artificial intelligence.

Junhyuk Oh and colleagues at the University of Michigan have begun experimenting with artificial intelligence machines by using mazes constructed in the 3D world of Minecraft.

Oh and his team have created a set of mazes in which they set their AI algorithms increasingly complex tasks, ensuring that there is not always a clean line of site to the blocks and that the algorithm must coördinate its movement and vision to explore.

The team says the best performing AI system uses deep reinforcement learning enhanced with additional memory, where these machines retrieve relevant memories based on the context in which they were stored and in which the device finds itself. That’s different from many existing memory systems that do not rely on context for memory retrieval.

Oh said this “allows a straightforward expansion of the research. In future work, we intend to take advantage of the flexibility of the Minecraft domain to construct even more challenging cognitive tasks to further evaluate our architectures.”

Source: TechnologyReview


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