Researchers Look For Answers Into Walking Corpse Syndrome


New research into a mysterious and deadly mental illness called Cotard’s syndrome is underway to explain and eventually treat this disorder that causes the sufferer to have any of a number of delusions that range from believing they have no organs, blood or body parts to insisting they are actually dead.

Commonly referred to as Walking Corpse Syndrome, this condition was first diagnosed in 1880 when a patient nicknamed Mademoiselle X, who claimed she was missing several body parts and  organs, including brain, chest, stomach and intestines was first described by French neurologist Jules Cotard.

Mademoiselle X who believed she was “eternally damned”, didn’t see a need to eat, and soon died of starvation due to the delusions, which Cotard linked to being associated with severe  depression, “marked psychomotor retardation, presence of anxiety symptoms and other depressive symptoms.”

A more recent case shows a man having developed similar symptoms after a suffering a life long depression which eventually lead to a suicide attempt. He has been claiming his brain was dead  or missing for the last nine years.

Source: MedicalDaily

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