Russian Airstrikes Kill US-Supported Syrian Rebels

Smoke rises after airstrikes by military jets in Talbiseh, Homs province Photo: AP

Smoke rises after airstrikes by military jets in Talbiseh, Homs province Photo: AP

Russian Airstrikes Kill US-Supported Syrian Rebels

Russia continues its second day of ground offensive strikes against the terrorist organization ISIS, as news now emerges that jets have bombed US-supported Syrian rebels as well as other civilians. The areas targeted by Russian air-strikes were known to be rebel positions including some rural parts northwest of the town of Jisr al-Shughhour.

While Russian officials claim ignorance to the bombing which killed Free Syrian Army leader Captain Iyad al-Deek, critics point out that the alleged targets in this two-day strike have not yet included any known ISIL camps.

U.S. Senator John McCain told CNN:

“Their initial strikes were against the individuals and groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA in an incredible flaunting of any kind of co-operation or effort to conceal what Putin’s first priority is, and that is of course to prop up Bashar al-Assad. I can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against the Free Syrian Army or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA because we have communication with people there…this is an Orwellian experience.”

Senator McCain is not alone in his thoughts that Russia’s independent attacks alleged to be carried out against ‘terrorists’ seem to favor current Syrian leadership, who might find Syrian rebels a threat to the regime. Still, at a New York news conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters, “the Free Syrian Army should be part of the political process.”

Vox reports of the civil unreset, “To date, at least 250,000 Syrians have been killed (probably far more), and 12 million — more than half the population — have been forced from their homes.”

Vox also adds an interesting analysis with potential insight into the current conflict.

The UK’s Telegraph claims that sources in Damascus have revealed perhaps more ground strikes targeted at Syrian rebel camps may be under way by both Russian and Iranian forces.

A Telegraph source in Damascus said Hizbollah and the regime are preparing a major ground offensive on rebel-held parts of Homs following the Russian aerial bombardment while another report said Iranian reinforcements are arriving in Syria to assist in an attack also on rebel-held areas. That will send a challenge to the rebels – and their backers in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia: do they also want to escalate the conflict?”

As for neighboring Turkey, foreign minister Feridun Sinirlioglu states,

We feel serious concern over the information that Russia’s air strikes in Syria targeted opposition positions instead of Daesh (Isil) and that as a result civilians also lost their lives. If these reports are confirmed, then this is a very worrying development. This would escalate the crisis and is the last thing we need in Syria’s tragic and chaotic environment.”

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