Sasquatch Howls Recorded – Cuyahoga National Park

Dark Matter News has obtained some rather creepy sounding Sasquatch Howls recorded in Cuyahoga National Park this year. The howler seems to howl in different directions. Responding whoops can be heard in the distance. Highway Noise from the Ohio turnpike can also be heard in the background.


Listen to the 2015 howl recording from Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Over 20 years ago another recording of these same howls were recorded. The 1994 recording is known as the Ohio Howl. It was recorded on high bluffs above the Ohio River looking toward West Virginia. That recording has stumped animal sound experts ever since. Scientific analysis has concluded that it was not a mechanical device nor was it the vocalization of any known animal.

The 1994 howl recording from Columbiana County


The latest recording from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park was recorded around 11 pm near Hemlock Point in March 2015 by Charlie Page. There have been sporadic sightings, sounds and track finds near and within this park for decades. The park is huge, some 52 square miles, 50% larger than Manhattan. It is not well known outside of Ohio.

The park has many large marshes surrounded by lush nut-bearing forests. There are also many large cornfields just outside the park boundaries. This combination of ingredients along with frequent rains produces an abundance of small animals and deer herds, all of which provide sustenance for predators such as coyotes and Sasquatch. The isolation, abundance of food, water, hidden caves, and prohibition of hunting, a dozen or so Big Foot could survive there unseen.

Compared to the odds of seeing a Big Foot, the odds of hearing a Sasquatch are relatively good. As thousands of Big Foot enthusiasts will attest, you can hear Sasquatch making sounds in the woods at night if you are in the right place at the right time of year.

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  1. MisterRetch says:


  2. Melinda says:

    I heard howls, like the recorded 1994 howls, last December. There were two different howlers at the time. One was close to be, the other was further away. To hear them in person and rather close is amazing.

  3. Richard Rogers says:

    We live near CVNP. There have been rumors of Big Foot sightings there in the past. This story is fun at worst and amazing if more evidence surfaces.

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