Saudi Man Narrowly Avoids Death From Falling Glass

<em>A man narrowly avoids death from falling glass, (CCTVNEWS24/7)</em>

A man narrowly avoids death from falling glass, (CCTVNEWS24/7)

Saudi Man Narrowly Avoids Death From Falling Glass

A Saudi Man is counting his blessings and has become a new web-celebrity after a massive piece of glass paneling became a deadly projectile that narrowly missed his head. The panel fell at an incredible speed from an unknown height and is seen pressing and sliding against the man’s face and shoulder before shattering on the ground beside him.

It was a very close call. Eventually an on-looker from within the building rushed out to see if the man was injured. They invited him into the building to avoid any further accidents.

Good thinking.

Check out the video below and remember the #1 rule here at Dark Matter News: always keep your eye on the sky.

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