Selling the Dead: Site Offers Humans Skulls For Cash

Selling the Dead: Site offers human skulls and other bones

The site also offers to purchase skeletal remains

Selling the Dead

Reality TV Stars of hit shows like ‘Dirty Jobs’, National Geographic’s ‘Taboo’ and Netflix documentary, “Skeleton, Inc.” are allowing users to purchase real human skulls, including fetal specimens and other human bones, direct from their website. Causing a stir on Reddit, upon investigation we learned that the purchase of these postmortem pieces aren’t available for purchase by just anyone.

Their website states:

Due to stringent regulations, these specimens are only available to medical or educational academic institutions such as college professors, teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, dental assistants, optometrists, x-ray technicians, ultrasound technicians, crime scene investigators, lawyers, and students of these professions. People in similar fields may inquire to their eligibility in purchasing these.

How Much is a Human Skull Worth?

Most human specimens seem to sell for around $950-$1850 US Dollars. If you have a low budget or are working in a very specific area of research, the site will sell you a human finger bone for around $12 (which some users say can be purchased by anyone in their Museum storefront). The website also features a “search and rescue pack” which appears to be a random grab-bag of skeletal remains for training cadaver K9 police units. Whose random bits are they selling? We have no clue— but they claim to be legally and ethically obtained.

Skulls Unlimited: Not Just A Strange Store

Skulls Unlimited, founded in south Oklahoma City, offers taxidermy services in providing museum-quality arrangements of humans and other animals from as small as meerkats to as large as elephants and humpback whales. Their co-joined Museum of Osteology is a massive educational complex of meticulously preserved osteological specimens and is the first museum of its kind in North America.

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The company just recently opened a second museum, “Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!” in Orlando, Florida.

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