Semi-liquid Rock to Blame For Unexplained Earthquakes

Scientists have been trying to determine why there are weird Earthquakes taking place in areas that are not on tectonic plate boundaries. In recent findings by the University of Southern California, a former mystery pertaining to unexplained Earthquakes now has evidence to confirm the source of the activity. New findings recently published in Nature magazine by a USC scientist says that mantle flow is a large contributor to earthquakes within the interior of tectonic plates.


A large mountain belt in California which runs North to South was used to detect underground activity and the research corroborates well with the activity of those strange seismic occurrences.

Scientists had already determined that Earthquakes which occur along tectonic plate boundaries had their origin in the motion that was occurring between those plates, but still wanted to pin down sources of seismic activity which were not near fault lines. The study found that the origin lies in activity of semi-liquid rock and seismic occurrences, which are actually beneath those plates.

USC professor of Earth Sciences, Thorsten Becker says,
“This will not be the last word on the origin of strange earthquakes. However, our work shows how imaging advances in seismology can be combined with mantle flow modeling to probe the links between seismicity and mantle convection”.

Jeremy C

Jeremy C

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