‘Shadow People’ Caught on Tape

'Shadow People': 'Shadow Person' captured in the "Zombie Road" area of Missouri (Paranormal Task Force)

‘Shadow Person’ captured in the “Zombie Road” area of Missouri (Paranormal Task Force)

‘Shadow People’ Caught on Tape

As we edge closer toward the beginning of Fall, Dark Matter News presents an intriguing look at the alleged paranormal phenomenon known to many as ‘shadow people.’

Numerous accounts of incidents involving alleged encounters with shadow people have been reported over recent years. While the phenomena of witnessing a ‘shadow person’ might be explained away by ‘tricks of the mind’ as it interprets the presence of objects and entities which might not be there (despite pareidolia and visual hallucinations made manifest through sensory deprivation) the videos of such murky apparitions continue to make for quite an interesting topic of discussion.

Let’s Watch:

‘Shadow Person’ Follows a Security Guard

‘Shadow Person’ in a Restaurant

‘Shadow’ Captured on Kinect Camera

‘Shadow Person’ Captured During Futbol Game

…And Finally: Art Bell Talks About His ‘Shadow Person’ Experience on the All-New Midnight in the Desert!

What do you think about alleged encounters with shadow people? Do you have a ‘shadow person’ story? Have any other good viable explanations for this phenomena? Join us in the discussion! Comment, share on Facebook, and find us on Twitter, hashtag #DMTalk!

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